Adah Lazorgan Is the leading and first fashion make-up artist in Israel.

Adah has more than 40 years experience in the United States and Israel which including  major fashion shows such as:  Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klien and Donna Karan. Major TV shows, MTV clips  and works for leading magazines like: Vogue,  Bazzar, Allure WWD and more...

Adah was the make up artist of :Mariah Carey ,Syndey Laupher ,the Scorpions Fleetwood Mac,Blondie,Taylor Dayne,Tyra Banks and many more.

Adah Lazorgan company produces and imports cocmetic and  makeup products, to professional and consumer use.

The line contains a variety of high quality and attractive products and is developed according to years of experience.Always being relevant to latest trends and keep producing and developing new products using the newest technology such as 4k foundation soon to be marketed.In addition to makeup products, Adah Lazorgan company produces and sells useful tools such as brushes, sponges, lashes and more.

On the years 2002 Adah Lazorgan establishes a studio for teaching the art of make up for beginners,advanced courses and master classes for professinal makeup artists and makeup seminars for companies with a “dress code”.

The school is intimate and contemporary. Adah’s make up and teaching method is based on integration of: lighting, wheather, skin types and textures and keeping up the latest trends of makeup, shooting styles and media.